Why Socks?

No Show Socks "I AM FEARLESS"

We provide many things for our customers. Among them are hats, headbands, shirts, hoodies, sport bras, shorts, yoga pants and socks.  If you were visualizing each of these articles of clothing, the mental image went from the top of your head downward until it reached your feet.  That is where we arrive at our biggest seller – our socks.

Why are our socks so popular?  Is it because they are some of the most comfortable, durable and colorful socks on the market?  Is it because they last through marathons and protect the runner’s feet with every step?  Is it because we sew a message into every sock that reminds you why you care about yourself?  To all of the questions, the answer is yes.  But why do socks have this level of appeal?  Our other products sell very well, but nothing outshines our socks.  Why does everyone who sees them want one or more pairs?

When you get up in the morning, it is entirely likely that you glance at your feet at least once on your trek to the bathroom. When you are getting dressed, you will look at your feet. When you relax, get undressed, absently thinking, get out of the car, go up steps, feel sad or embarrassed… we look at our feet many times during a normal day.  Each time you do, you will be reminded of your worth; your value to you and those who love you.

We send our message with socks so that you never forget that you are Perfect As U are and you can raise your head up…


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