Flower“Mommy, am I pretty?”

“No honey, you’re beautiful”

My daughter was confused and was only wanting to know if she was pretty; if she was like the little girl on TV who mommy had called her pretty.  Of course she was pretty but beyond that, I saw beauty.

I told her that when you walk through a field, you see a lot of pretty flowers.  When you lean close and look at the folds of the petals, the detail of the center, smell the faint scent from the heart; you see beauty.

When you look at the sunset and see lots of colors, it’s pretty.  When you pause and look at the changing shades of red, orange pink as the suns slowly sets; you see beauty.

When I look into your eyes and see your amazing soul shining through; I see beauty.

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About Tami

After seeing the impact that a negative self-esteem can have on my own children, my friends and I created Perfect As U Are to help girls boost their confidence and embrace their beauty through continuous affirmation of their undeniable and immeasurable value. We are a company that believes in building self-esteem in girls through our specially designed products which encourage a positive self-image and confidence-boost, while giving back to the community through local organizations and active participation in fundraisers and events. Please visit us at and on our Facebook Page at

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