How Much Does it Cost?

Add up all of the times that self-doubt made you hesitate; made you pause instead of doing what we wanted to do.  Include the times that you avoided a situation because you felt you didn’t quite fit in or were afraid of being rejected.  Don’t forget the people that could have been friends if you had been brave enough to talk, the job you might have gotten, romance you might have had and the team we might have made.  The avoided events add up to a lot of missed chances for an additional moment of happiness that you missed.

What does it cost to change?  Nothing but believing in yourself.  Believing in yourself is the most enduring form of beauty and it costs nothing. It defeats critics, it overcomes obstacles and it lasts a lifetime.  Say it:

I am Beautiful

I am Confident


Say it again and again.  Write it on your mirror.  Make it the background on your phone and your computer.  Make it the backdrop of your life.

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About Tami

After seeing the impact that a negative self-esteem can have on my own children, my friends and I created Perfect As U Are to help girls boost their confidence and embrace their beauty through continuous affirmation of their undeniable and immeasurable value. We are a company that believes in building self-esteem in girls through our specially designed products which encourage a positive self-image and confidence-boost, while giving back to the community through local organizations and active participation in fundraisers and events. Please visit us at and on our Facebook Page at

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